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核心提示:疫情结束后我想英语作文5篇  在生活、工作和学习中,许多人都有过写作文的'经历,对作文都很熟悉吧,作文依据体裁的不一样可以





  Novel coronavirus has been a major outbreak of the Spring Festival this year, which has caused widespread outbreaks throughout the country. We all follow the call of the state to stay at home and dare not take a step. During this period, I always look out of the window at the scenery, watching birds fly freely in the sky. When will the epidemic end? To do what I want to do.

  After the epidemic, the first thing I want to do is to go back to school, start a new semester, work hard with my classmates, and enter the ideal middle school in July. In the school, the teacher and we have a lively and interesting lesson. We can understand the text more thoroughly. We can also study difficult problems and draw together with our good friends. Think of last semester, when we were playing hide and seek in the biology garden of our school, you were running around, I was hiding, no one could catch anyone. At that time, we were really free and happy!

  The second thing to do is to climb the mountain and climb the top of the mountain, which makes me happier for me. In the process of mountaineering, we can observe the changes of nature. The branches are full of tender green leaves and buds, and the fields are full of small wild flowers You can also hear the clear voice of birds, squirrels lying on the branches to see what we are doing, all kinds of small animals around you, let you feel the beauty of nature. The fresh air in the mountain will make people feel refreshed, energetic and energetic. Climbing to the top of the mountain will give people a feeling of looking at all the small mountains.

  With the unremitting efforts of the people and medical staff all over the country, I believe that the darkness will soon pass and the dawn will be in front of us. I look forward to the end of the epidemic and the arrival of a happy life.


  Home, is the sun, it shines on the earth; home, is the tree, it shelter from the wind and rain; home, is the rain, it moistens the heart Home is the most beautiful, warm and happy place in the world.

  Its so big that I seldom go out. Even if I go out, there will always be a trace of concern in my heart. I miss my home and the place where my childhood is happy.

  I remember that time I went to a place far away from home. When I came back, I was sitting on a crowded train, lying on a high sleeper, wrapped my cold body in a white down jacket, and my hands kept breathing. The night train is extremely heavy. It makes a dull sound on the track, as if it is going on endlessly. So every time it stops suddenly, I open my eyes and reach out to wipe the water off the window. Sometimes, with dim lights, you can make a few strokes with your fingers on the cold window, which will make you home. When the train rumbled again, I knew it was going to load me into my home, where I was dreaming. There are my mother, my father and the hot dumpling in that place.

  When I woke up at dawn, I found that everything around me had been covered with snow, and only that trace of missing had never left.

  Home, my holy land, Im back.

  Push open the gate of the yard and walk in. A branch of wintersweet stands upright in the cold wind. It is arrogant but reserved, beautiful but elegant. It guards the home, its sweet fragrance also has the taste of home, all the way to guide me.

  Quietly sitting on the sofa, watching the home without elegant decoration and rich decoration, warm but constantly surging in my heart: Mom brings a cup of hot tea that can drive away the cold, Dad hands a pair of slippers that can eliminate all fatigue. They ask for warmth, warmth and love reverberate in the air.

  Its great to go home!

  I want to have a home, a place that doesnt need much...

  People are on the road. In the stormy days, we are eager to go home, because home will give us shelter; in the heart of fatigue, we need to go home, because home will give us spiritual comfort. Our body and soul always need such a place to rest. This is home.


  After the epidemic, I want to visit Wuhan

  At the beginning of 2020, a sudden pneumonia makes the busy streets open, the noisy commercial buildings quiet and the bustling parks quiet. The whole world is shrouded in a thin layer of white fog

  This epidemic, let me feel the most sincere emotion - love: selfless love, pure love, noble love We are deeply impressed by the backs of the retrograde angels in white. The red marks on their cheeks are unbearably painful. The soldiers and architects who protect our homes are working hard day and night. In a trance, I suddenly found how precious human life is, but at the same time it is so fragile

  After this alarm, let me understand that as teenagers, we should not pay too much attention to the stars, but ignore the people who protect us and save us in the real sense. Those medical staff, soldiers and teachers are the people we should pay attention to and respect. In adolescence, we should focus all our energy on learning. Although we cant go to school happily because of this illness, we still cant relax half of the time. We should learn self-discipline and ensure the efficiency of learning.

  In a flash, we have been in this war for nearly three months, the growth rate of the epidemic is also declining day by day, the gorgeous streets are waving to us, the bustling Park Square is spreading our arms for us, the warm campus is also facing us wechat

  After the outbreak, we went back to school. I think, after the end of this semesters study task, when we had a summer vacation, we would go to Wuhan with our parents and brothers to see whether the cherry blossom in front of the Wuda gate was beautiful or not, to taste the delicious hot and dry noodles, and then to the huoshenshan Hospital

  So, Wuhan, you must get better soon!


  The Spring Festival in 2020 is an unusual one. Originally, the family had to give up their travel plan because of a sudden epidemic.

  In order to avoid the spread of the epidemic and cross infection, my family and I can only stay at home for this unforgettable spring festival.

  Standing in front of the window, I feel like a bird in a cage. I cant fly out if I want to. I imagine what I will do when the epidemic is over?

  If the epidemic is over, I will take my little dog to the outskirts to run and play as much as I can, because it also misses the fresh air and green grass in the outskirts as I do.

  If the epidemic is over, I will take my new years gift balance car to play in the community. My beautiful balance car hasnt really passed through the house yet. I will be the most beautiful kid in the community.

  If the epidemic is over, Im going to visit my grandma in my hometown. Grandma is old, and the happiest thing for her now is that we go back to visit her. Every time she would hold my hand and listen to me talk about all kinds of interesting things in study and life, and look at her smiling face, I would feel very happy.

  If the epidemic is over, I will go to Fang Suo, my favorite bookstore. I like Fang Suos simple and atmospheric display, and I prefer the various books displayed there. Every time I walk into Fangsuo, its like walking into a big warehouse of knowledge, which makes me reluctant to leave for a long time.

  If the epidemic is over, I will invite my classmates to fly kites along the river, go to the streets of Chengdu, and feel the noise and bustle of the city again. Id like to go to the cinema with my parents to see a long lost movie, and then Id like to eat all kinds of delicious snacks in Chengdu.

  If the epidemic is over, I will pay more respect to the doctors, police, bus drivers, sanitation workers, and delivery aunts and uncles on the front line of the Anti Japanese war. They were at the forefront of the Anti Japanese War when the country was in trouble. They were all the people I most respected and learned from.

  If the epidemic is over, I want to do a lot more.

  I believe that when spring comes, everything will be better. Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!


  As we are preparing for the new year, a sudden outbreak of bacteria swept our happy global village. Therefore, we can only stay at home, eat and sleep, sleep and eat, we have been nurtured a little fat pig. So, what can I do after the outbreak?

  If the epidemic passes, I will go to school to study in the morning and enrich myself. Smell the fragrance of pen and ink, feel the feeling of books, and feel the beauty of knowledge! In school, you can play with your classmates and make fun of your teachers.

  If the epidemic passes, Ill put on my clothes and play Gobang, checkers, quick calculation at 24 oclock and hide and seek with my friends Anyway, Ill have a good time.

  If the epidemic passes, I will exercise well, jump rope, beat flowers before and after, and see if I can jump better than before. Ride a bike and see if you have the amazing speed before. To play badminton, lets see if my father and I can cooperate as well as before.

  If the epidemic is over, Ill go to the park to have a look and swing. Ill swing as high as I can. There are lots of people in the park. Some are flying kites, some are playing balloons, some are eating snacks, some are jumping rope, some are kicking shuttlecock

  If the epidemic passes, I will go to see Grandpa, grandma, grandma, Grandpa and see if they are OK. I will stay with them for a few days.

  If after the epidemic, some people may go to Shanghai, Sichuan, Chongqing But I will go to Wuhan to see the angels in white, Grandpa Zhong and Grandma Li. I must say, hard work! and I will go to appreciate the pink cherry blossom and the beautiful lotus again. Go to see the Yellow Crane Tower, Chu River and Han Street People in Wuhan will say, Hello! when they see us

  If after the epidemic, I plan to eat, kebab, hamburger, hot pot, cake, a series of If you dont eat fat, you will never give up.

  If after the epidemic, I will never feel that I have to wait too long to buy sushi, that I will never abandon the earth mothers lack of resources, that I will never be bad at reading books, and that I will definitely get rid of these stinking problems.

  Come on, China! We will win the Anti Japanese war!


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